This is the Oekaki Gallery, where there will be stored a number of drawings done on an online whiteboard.
These are physical representations of my mind. They are my likes, as much as you have likes and dislikes whether people will agree with them or not. Just because I draw something does not mean I (will probably) go out and do it, I am merely expressing using Art. Some of these may contain 'questionable' material. Most will have adult content. Please look at these with responsibility.

Drow, Elves, Faeries, and Humans
SlaveCaptureBalanceTentacle Rape
Well EndowedFriendsPanicDrow Puppy
Puppy LoveBunny DrowHopeFreshly Served
Bon AppetitDrider_01Drider_02Buttahflai
EcstasyBleeding HeartDistant GraveBig Behind
Slave Zero
Game, Anime, and Manga
Purple ChocoboGreen Chocobo (To S)Kupo NutsKupo Stretch
Mini-KujaChikorita StretchMewtwoBig Pika
FF7 X-Mas
Kemono, Beast, Furres
Chesire CheesecakeHeaven's ToyWe're All a Little..Doggy Bone
Winter BunnyBoyRunning FaunStyle FoxMeri Kuri (Catboy)
WarriorSummerTeddy BoiBeastMaster
NecrophiliaWatersportsCatapillyNew Magazine
WonderlandGlamourBirdyDifferent Worlds
Rhino MaleRhino FemalePornographyEaster Spirit
Mo More PreyTongaBaby RatPeas
Bitter MintHow High
Fantasy, Phantasmagoria, Miscellaneous
Fallen AngelValley of DeathRibbonsChop Suey
Hidden PlaceBlack Black HeartCandy AngelDevil Milk
Pen PalElemental Harmony
Hengeyokai, Snow Fae
Everywhere IsGrim YouthMeri Kuri (Snow Fae)Kai (Cub)
Kai (Nippy)Kai (Implore)Kai (Kiss Me)Kai (Beach)
Kai (Mint Angelic)Kai (Little Love)Little KissHappy Masquerade
Other Characters
XindiXindi (Juice)Xindi (Thought)Xindi (Hello)
CheeseSpring is in the Air (1)Spring is in the Air (2)