Sex: Male (Variable)
Species: Snow Fae (Variable; Unknown Entity- Spirit Shaman)
Approx. Age: 19-21 (N/A, Variable)
Approx. Height/Weight: 5'5"/125lbs. (Variable)
Preference: Bisexual (Male-biased)
Creation: Original
Meaning of Name: Changing Spirit/Ghost (Japanese)
Life /Death
Sex/Making Love
Meaningless Destruction/Greed
Extreme Good/Evil
Hypocrites/Closed Minds
Being Like Everyone Else By Trying Not To Be Everyone Else Instead of Being Yourself

For our kind watchers, I've written out this basic and extensive outline of Kai to make the story and himself easier to understand. Kai is more than an Alter Ego, a complete seperate Entity despite the strangeness of that theory. I have an immense loving connection and respect for him. He slowly made himself known to me, and I eventually molded him into a kind of Fae, now part of a Race of which I write and work on extensively. Sadly, I learned that a sort of cousin of these creatures called Snow Elves to have been previously existing, but only in their general species name... so I've nothing to worry about in accusations of ripping-off or of copyright infringement, as the beings themselves are completely unique and of personal molding, and were formed before I had any knowledge of the aforementioned Elf breed. They are more 'Fae' than Elven because they have both very 'Animal' and 'Civilized' qualities.

An ever-growing, ever-changing creature, his full name is simply Hengeyokai - or 'Changing Spirit'. This represents a constantly fluctuating Nature and Being, which is not always visible or understandable to others, including himself. Although his behaviour is generally placid and soft, he is capable of vengeful tempers and destructive anger. A True Neutral, he takes neither the side of Good or Evil - almost to a selfish point in the eyes of others, as he'll often do something simply for his benefit, disregarding the wants of any side (although he'll tend more towards being helpful rather than being detrimental). He is a Spirit Shaman, an unknowing member of a vast Multiversal Court, a keeper of the Balance. He doesn't work to improve Life or deteriorate it, but to simply Live it.

Despite his moods of philosophical distress and occasional apathy, his melancholic periods don't normally last long. He can grow playful and loving, although is a bit of a slacker and easily confused. Tentative and rather wary to begin with, many mistake his neutral and fairly approachable exterior as something easy to make friends with. He has the kind of arrogance in which -he- is the one who chooses, however. He does not acknowledge one-sided friendships when only the other enjoys his presence, and quickly grows to disdain their attentions. He often has an instinctive dislike for people, and this often poorly-looked upon quality often allows him to end up learning that there really is little to like about the person when he gets to know them a bit better. Having spent most of his early times in Japan and in Snow Elf society, he's quite open and as a result is often known as 'BadNaughty Kai', although he's quite fond of physical contact that isn't sexual at all, to him at least. Extremely perverted although not disgustingly lecherous, he enjoys playing games of gentle teasing and provocation with those he knows don't mind the attention.

With each passing day he gains a bit more wisdom and experience, and while he often acts very childish and Faye (it's believed he's beyond Reality, as he has a strangely poor concept of what it stands for), he is equally capable of being Sage-like and speaking like a wizened man. Having an unquenchable curiousity and need to constantly learn anything, he may follow certain interesting individuals around for days to simply watch what they do next. He's actually quite old, and in a sense Immortal - as long as there is Life, he will be allowed to exist. His physical body can be killed, but his Consience and Soul remain intact, and are reborn into a new body. Naturally, it's a bit irritating to be in a child's body when you have the mind of someone who's been created ages ago... but when you have all the time you want, it probably doesn't really matter in the End- but it does, you see. It's only a matter of how you do it, not how fast you do it.